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Think You Love Sports?

We can PROMISE you that there’s even more in sport to love than you know.

Did you know the Allies and the Germans came out of their trenches in WW1 and played a game of soccer
on Christmas Day together? Did you know that communities in Paraguay with a thriving sports program experience
less than half the amount of gang violence of those without similar programs? Did you know sport can transcend
language barriers, socioeconomic categories, and political divides? Did you know there’s opportunities for athletes
to take their passion around the world and start movements— transformation with nothing but a soccer ball and some cones?

Hard to believe? Let’s chat.

Staying Local? You Could…

People who love sports and want to make a difference in the world are ready to do some pretty amazing things. Together, we’re thinking of new ways to bring people together and share the transformative power of sport. What will you do?


Need Ideas?

You could donate birthday money to a struggling sports club in Peru.
You could organize a tournament that funds the construction of a new soccer pitch in the slums of Paraguay.
You could juggle a ball downtown, busking for new soccer balls in Benin. (Busking for Benin sounds cool, eh?)
You could organize a sports marathon (24 hours of basketball?) with the proceeds going to orphaned children in Albania.
If any of these ideas (or ones we haven’t thought of yet!) stand out to you, please reach out to us.
We would love to hear from you.