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Changing Lives Through The Transformative Power of Sport

We believe that sport has the ability to change the world. It is a platform for peace, a vehicle for change, an avenue for aid, and an accelerator for development.

Together with our partners, we envision a future in which communities around the world thrive; where sport is both a catalyst for change as well as a vital component of sustained humanitarian development.

Building a Foundation for Life – The Next Generation

Around the world, there are kids who have no opportunity to belong to a team because of overwhelming poverty. SportAid partners with local governments, humanitarian organizations, and local leaders in countries to assist community transformation by bringing in sport as a strategy for lasting change.

Where We Work and Play

We start, fund, and resource sporting programs in countries around the globe. With our partners at AIA Canada, we have already completed projects in Southeast Asia, parts of Africa, Paraguay, Peru, Albania, and Benin. Sport is playing an active role in community development in these countries through our incredible partners. Together with aid and development organizations, we are seeing lives and communities transformed.

Current Project and Opportunity

We are currently working with Mauritius using a new project model. We hope this new direction becomes the model we use to expand our efforts and projects globally on our quest to positively impact over 1 billion people.

This Is Where We Need Your Help

Need Ideas?

People who love sports and want to make a difference in the world are ready to do some pretty amazing things. Together, we’re thinking of new ways to bring people together and share the transformative power of sport. What will you do?

Donate birthday money to a struggling sports club

Organize a tournament that funds the construction of a new soccer pitch

Juggle a ball downtown, busking for new soccer balls or ask your team to donate uniforms

Organize a sports marathon