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What is an Assist? 

Most people familiar with sports know the value of an assist.
• Assists mean a team is playing well together.
• Assists means goals are being scored with collective input.

• Assists indicate a depth and strength caused by unity.

But what most people don’t think of is assisting in aid and development through sport.
Sport is able to assist with community transformation in powerful ways. It can be both a catalyst and a component of long-lasting change.



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Where we Work and Play

We start, fund, and resource sporting programs in 4 countries around the globe – Paraguay,Peru, Albania and Benin. Sport is playing an active role in the development of communities in these countries through our incredible development partners. Together with aid and development organizations, we are seeing lives and communities transformed.


From their Community to Yours

Our time spent abroad, with partners and communities in need, affirms to us again and again the importance of sport in large-scale rehabilitation. It’s the individual stories of children coaches, and communities that we’ve had the privilege of working with who inspire our ideas and, form our mission and even shape our solutions. We think their stories are worth sharing with you.