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Our Goal is to Assist You

Development agencies are our heroes. Without them, we would be so far behind. Our agency partners are on the ground, bringing the essentials of life through aid and relief as well as careful instruction, emotional support, and spiritual guidance.
We understand that sport is a component of the larger life-transforming story that our partners are taking part in.
How can sport be a catalyst and component of change?

A Catalyst

 Sometimes there are barriers to development: political, cultural, linguistic, and more. These barriers can tragically divide and separate us from those in need. However, through the power of sport, commonality can be established, trust can be earned, and relationships formed in a process like no other.

A Component

In the busyness of development occurring in a community, play and sport are often forgotten, or pushed aside in place of work and other tasks. It is so important for communities to have a sport outlet, especially for children who need to play. Often a very little bit can go a long, long way.

How could sport transform the aid that you deliver to communities?


Our Partners